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6K Series – 3K Smooth Type Dog Shampoo




6K Series – 3K Smooth Type Dog Shampoo

3K Smooth Type Premium Shampoo for Dogs is Specially Designed to Cater to the Unique Needs of Your Beloved Canine Companion. Enriched With a Rich Blend of Vitamins and Amino Acids, our 6K Series Variant Dog Shampoo Goes Beyond Basic Cleansing.

This Specialized Formula Offers a Wealth of Benefits for Your Dog’s Fur. The Key Ingredients, Including Vitamins and Amino Acids, Work Harmoniously to Protect and Nourish Fur Cells. This Not Only Maintains the Integrity of Your Dog’s Fur but Also Aids in Repairing Any Damage That May Have Occurred Over Time.

What Sets this Variant Dog Shampoo Apart Is Its Ability to Renew Your Dog’s Coat, Restoring Its Natural Color and Vibrancy. This Ensures That Your Furry Friend Not Only Feels Great but Also Looks Their Absolute Best.

In Addition to These Revitalizing Benefits, 3K Smooth Type Shampoo Leaves the Fur Exceptionally Smooth and Soft, Creating an Irresistible Texture That You and Your Pet Will Adore.

Choose 6K  Variant 3K Smooth Type Shampoo to Provide Your Four-Legged Friend with The Care They Deserve, Promoting A Healthy, Lustrous Coat That’s Bound to Turn Heads.


6K Series - 3K Smooth Type Dog Shampoo

6K Series – 3K Smooth Type Usage

To Ensure Your Dog’s Fur Remains in Optimal Condition, Follow These Simple Steps When Using 3K Smooth Type Dog Shampoo:

Application: Apply the Appropriate Amount of Our Specially Formulated Shampoo Directly onto Your Dog’s Fur. Be sure to Distribute It Evenly, Starting from The Base of The Fur and Working Your Way Up Towards the Tips. This Ensures Comprehensive Coverage.

Massage: Take A Few Moments to Gently Massage the Shampoo into Your Dog’s Fur. This Not Only Helps to Thoroughly Cleanse but Also Promotes Circulation, Which Can Contribute to A Healthy Coat.

Five-Minute Relaxation: Allow Your Furry Friend to Enjoy a Relaxing Five-Minute Massage Session With 3K Smooth Type Shampoo. This Provides Ample Time for The Active Ingredients to Work Their Magic.

Rinse: After the Massage, Thoroughly Rinse Your Dog’s Fur with Clean Water. Ensure That All Traces of The Shampoo Are Completely Washed Away.

Regular Use: For the Best Results and To Maintain Improved Fur Conditions, It Is Highly Recommended to Use Our Dog Shampoo Regularly. Consistent Use Helps to Preserve the Health and Beauty of Your Dog’s Coat, Leaving It Soft, Shiny, And Luxuriously Smooth.

With this 6K Variant Smooth Type Dog Shampoo, You Can Easily Incorporate These Steps into Your Pet Care Routine, Ensuring That Your Dog’s Fur Remains in Top-Notch Condition, and looks and feels its absolute Best.

6K  3K Smooth Type Shampoo Function

Plant Extracts for Bacterial and Fungal Defense: 3K Smooth Type Shampoo Harnesses the Power of Carefully Selected Plant Extracts to Safeguard Your Dog’s Skin. These Extracts Have a Remarkable Ability to Disrupt the Structural Integrity of Harmful Bacteria and Fungi, Ensuring A Protective Shield For Your Dog’s Skin.

By Effectively Countering These Threats, Smooth Type Shampoo Helps Prevent Skin Irritations and Infections, Keeping Your Dog Comfortable and Healthy.

Vitamin And Amino Acid Nutrition Group for Hair Health: This Formula Is Enriched with A Nourishing Blend of Vitamins and Amino Acids, Forming A Potent Nutrition Group. This Unique Combination Serves as A Robust Support System for Your Dog’s Fur.

It Not Only Strengthens the Hair Root but Also Stimulates Hair Growth, Reducing the Likelihood of Hair Loss. With Regular Use, Your Dog’s Coat Can Become Thicker, Shinier, And More Resilient, Enhancing Their Overall Appearance.

Eucalyptus Extract for Pest Prevention: Smooth Type Shampoo for Dogs Includes the Natural Power of Eucalyptus Extract, Known for Its Effectiveness in Repelling Pests Such as Fleas and Other Parasites.

This Botanical Defense System Creates an Invisible Barrier on Your Dog’s Fur, Acting as A Deterrent to Infestations. By Preventing These Unwelcome Visitors, this Shampoo Significantly Reduces the Risk of Skin Diseases Caused by Pests, Ensuring Your Dog’s Well-Being.

Protease For Deep Decontamination: We’ve Incorporated Protease, A Potent Enzyme, Into Our Formula to Provide a Deep-Cleaning Experience for Your Dog’s Fur. This Enzyme Has a Remarkable Decontamination Ability.

Allowing It to Biologically Decompose Dirt Sources on The Fur’s Surface. What’s Truly Exceptional Is That It Accomplishes This Without Causing Any Harm or Irritation to Your Dog’s Sensitive Skin. Your Pet Can Enjoy a Thorough Cleanse Without Any Discomfort.

With These Advanced Product Functions, 3K smooth-type shampoo for dogs not Only Cleanses but Also Protects, Nourishes, And Revitalizes Your Dog’s Fur and Skin. It’s A Holistic Approach to Pet Grooming, Ensuring That Your Furry Friend Not Only Looks Great but Also Enjoys the Best Possible Skin and Coat Health

3K Smooth Type Shampoo Ingredients


EDTA-2Na, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, CMEA, Pearl Film, Guar Gum, JR400, Jojoba Oil, Amino Acid Moisturizer, Glycerin, MES 6501, CAB, Citric Acid, Kathon, Aloe Extract, Softener, Parfum Offers Wide Range Dog Grooming Products Including Multi Variant Shampoo and Conditioners

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