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6K Series – 2K Deodorization Type Dog Shampoo




6K Series – 2K Deodorization Type Dog Shampoo

Introducing 2K Deodorization Type Exceptional Dog Shampoo, A Grooming Solution That Transcends the Ordinary. Crafted With Utmost Care and Dedication, It’s More Than Just a Shampoo – It’s A Testament To 6K Series Shampoo’s Unwavering Commitment to Your Pet’s Well-Being.

2K Deodorization Type Shampoo Isn’t Just a Cleanser; It’s A Transformational Experience for Your Beloved Canine Companion. Infused With Cutting-Edge Bio Enzymes, This Shampoo Takes Pet Grooming to A Whole New Level.

With Every Wash, The Bio Enzymes In this Dog Shampoo Go to Work, Breaking Down and Preventing the Formation of Those Persistent Source Odors That Often Plague Our Furry Friends. Say Goodbye to Those Unwanted Scents, And Hello to A Dog That Smells as Fresh as A Daisy.

But This 6K Shampoo Variant Isn’t Merely About Scent; It’s About Ensuring Your Dog’s Skin Remains in Pristine Condition.

This Shampoo for Dog Plant Extract Formula Is Your Dog’s Secret Weapon Against Harmful Bacteria and Fungi That Can Compromise the Health of Their Skin. It Acts as A Protective Barrier, Shielding the Delicate Cortical Secretions, And Effectively Preventing the Recurrence of Unpleasant Odors.

6K Variant Pet Shampoo Commitment to Your Pet’s Well-Being Doesn’t Stop at Cleansing; It’s About Holistic Care. 2K Dogs Shampoo Isn’t Just a Remedy; It’s A Preventative Measure. It’s About Promoting a Clean and Fresh Coat for The Long Term, Ensuring Your Furry Friend Enjoys Lasting Comfort and Vitality.

Choose 2K Type Variant Shampoo Because Your Pet Deserves the Best. It’s More Than a Shampoo; It’s A Statement of Care and Devotion to Your Canine Companion’s Happiness and Health. Embrace The Ultimate Grooming Experience with this Shampoo – Because Your Dog’s Comfort and Well-Being Matter.

6K Series – 2K Deodorization Type Usage

To Ensure Your Dog’s Fur Remains in Optimal Condition, Follow These Simple Steps When Using 2K Deodorization Type Dog Shampoo:

Application: Apply the Appropriate Amount of Our Specially Formulated Shampoo Directly onto Your Dog’s Fur. Be sure to Distribute It Evenly, Starting from The Base of The Fur and Working Your Way Up Toward the Tips. This Ensures Comprehensive Coverage.

Massage: Take A Few Moments to Gently Massage the Shampoo into Your Dog’s Fur. This Not Only Helps to Thoroughly Cleanse but Also Promotes Circulation, Which Can Contribute to A Healthy Coat.

Five-Minute Relaxation: Allow Your Furry Friend to Enjoy a Relaxing Five-Minute Massage Session With 2K Deodorization Type Shampoo. This Provides Ample Time for The Active Ingredients to Work Their Magic.

Rinse: After the Massage, Thoroughly Rinse Your Dog’s Fur with Clean Water. Ensure That All Traces of The Shampoo Are Completely Washed Away.

With this 6K Variant Smooth Type Shampoo, You Can Easily Incorporate These Steps into Your Pet Care Routine, Ensuring That Your Dog’s Fur Remains in Top-Notch Condition, and looks and feels its absolute Best.

6K Series – 2K Deodorization Type Product Function

Plant Extracts for Bacterial and Fungal Defense: 2K Deodorization Shampoo for Dog Harnesses the Power of Carefully Selected Plant Extracts to Provide A Robust Defense Against Harmful Bacteria And Fungi.

These Plant Extracts Have the Unique Ability to Damage the Structural Integrity of These Microorganisms, Preventing Them from Causing Harm to Your Dog’s Fur And, Importantly.

The Cortex Of Their Skin. By Safeguarding The Cortex, Our Shampoo Ensures a Protective Shield Against Potential Irritants, Maintaining the Health of Your Pet’s Skin.

Vitamin And Amino Acid Nutrition Group for Hair Strength and Growth: The Formulation Includes a Potent Blend of Vitamins and Amino Acids That Create a Comprehensive Nutrition Group. This Unique Combination Serves as A Strengthening Tonic for Your Dog’s Hair Roots. I

t Not Only Reinforces the Hair Root’s Structural Integrity but Also Actively Promotes Healthy Hair Growth. By Doing So, It Plays a Pivotal Role in Preventing Hair from Falling Off and Ensuring Your Dog Maintains a Lush and Resilient Coat.

Protease For Deep Decontamination: This Shampoo for Pet Incorporates Protease, An Exceptional Enzyme That Excels in The Art of Deep Cleaning. This Enzyme Has a Remarkable Decontamination Ability, Allowing It to Biologically Decompose Dirt Sources on Your Dog’s Fur.

What Truly Sets It Apart Is Its Ability to Perform This Deep Cleansing Without Causing Any Damage to Your Dog’s Sensitive Skin. Your Pet Can Enjoy a Thorough Cleanse Without Experiencing Any Irritation.

Bio Enzymes Formula for Odor Elimination: 2K Pet Shampoo Adopts a Cutting-Edge Bio Enzymes Formula. The Active Ingredients Within This Formula Excel at Breaking Down the Sources of Odors on Your Pet’s Body, Effectively Eliminating Unpleasant Scents.

This Odor-Fighting Capability Ensures Your Dog Remains Fresh and Fragrant, Enhancing Their Overall Cleanliness and Comfort.

2K Shampoo Offers a Multi-Faceted Approach to Dog Grooming. It’s Not Just About Cleaning; It’s About Protection, Nutrition, And Rejuvenation. These Carefully Curated Functions Ensure That Your Canine Companion Receives the Best Possible Care for Their Fur and Skin,

6K Series – 2K Deodorization Type Ingredients

EDTA-2Na, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, CMEA, Pearl Film, Guar Gum, JR400, Jojoba Oil, Amino Acid Moisturizer, Glycerin, MES 6501, CAB, Citric Acid, Kathon, Borneol, Allantoin, DP-300, Ketoconazole, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Soy Ethyl Ethionate Morpholine, Parfum Pakistan #1 Online Pet Shop Offering Wide Range of Most Famous Brands of Grooming Products for your Pets Visit Us 

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6K Series - 2K Deodorization Type Dog Shampoo
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