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6K Series – 4K Skin Disease Type Dog Shampoo



It Selects Plants Extracts that can Damage the Structure of Bacteria and Fungi and Help to Avoid Damage to Skin


6K Series – 4K Skin Disease Type Dog Shampoo

Discover 4K Skin Disease Type Dog Shampoo Premium Dog Shampoo, Expertly Crafted with Carefully Selected Plant Extracts that Not Only Cleanse but Also Safeguard Your Furry Friend’s Skin. This Unique Formula Effectively Disrupts the Structure of Harmful Bacteria and Fungi, Promoting Skin Health, and Preventing Damage. What’s more, The Captivating Fragrance Not Only Leaves Your Pet Smelling Fresh but Also Acts as a Natural Pest Repellent, Keeping Troublesome Lice and Fleas at Bay. Say Goodbye to Skin Irritations Caused by These Pests and Embrace a Happier, Healthier Pet.


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4K Skin Disease Type Dog Shampoo Usage


Using Our Dog Shampoo Is a Breeze. Simply Apply the Appropriate Amount onto Your Pet’s Fur, Indulge Them with A Gentle 5-minute Massage, And Then Rinse with Clean Water. For Optimal Results, We Recommend Regular Use to Improve the Quality of Your Pet’s Fur and Maintain Their Overall Well-Being.


6K Series – 4K Skin Disease Type Shampoo Function


  • Bacteria And Fungi Defense: Our Shampoo Contains Powerful Plant Extracts That Disrupt the Structure of Bacteria and Fungi, Ensuring Your Dog’s Skin Remains Healthy and Free from Harm.
  • Skin Soothing: The Included Plant Extract Soothes Redness and Swelling, Leaving Your Pet’s Skin Comfortable and Your Furry Friend Happy.
  • Deep Cleaning: Protease, An Active Ingredient, Effectively Decontaminates and Biologically breaks down Dirt on The Fur Without Causing Any Harm to The Skin, Ensuring A Thorough Clean.
  • Hair Strengthening: Enriched with A Vitamin and Amino Acid Nutrition Group, Our Shampoo Strengthens Hair Roots, Promotes Healthy Hair Growth, And Prevents Excessive Shedding.

4K Dog Shampoo Variant Size Chart

Here’s a size chart for 100 ml, 500 ml, and 3.8 liters presented in a table format:

Size Milliliters (ml) Fluid Ounces (fl oz)
100 ml 100 ml 3.38 fl oz
500 ml 500 ml 16.91 fl oz
3.8 liters 3,800 ml 128.45 fl oz

This table provides a clear comparison of the sizes in milliliters and fluid ounces for easy reference.

4K Skin Disease Type Shampoo Ingredients

This Variant of  Dog Shampoo Is Formulated with A Blend Of High-Quality Ingredients To Cater To Your Pet’s Needs:

EDTA-2Na, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, CMEA, Pearl Film, Guar Gum, JR400, Jojoba Oil, Amino Acid Moisturizer, Glycerin, MES 6501, CAB, Citric Acid, Kathon, Ketoconazole, Ganbaosu, DP-300, Deltamethrin, Chamomile Extract, Parfum

  • EDTA-2NA Is a Chelating Agent That Enhances the Stability and Effectiveness of The Formula.
  • Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (Foaming Agent) Creates A Rich Lather, Effectively Cleansing Your Dog’s Fur. It Helps to Remove Dirt, Oils, And Contaminants from The Fur, Leaving It Clean and Fresh.
  • CMEA Acts as A Foam Booster and Stabilizer, Enhancing the Shampoo’s Lathering Properties. This Ensures That the Shampoo Covers Your Dog’s Fur Evenly, Improving Its Cleansing Efficiency.
  • Pearl Film Is Likely Added for Its Aesthetic Effect, Giving the Shampoo a Shimmering Appearance.
  • Guar Gum Is a Natural Thickening Agent Used to Give the Shampoo Its Desired Texture and Viscosity. It Contributes to The Product’s Overall Feel and Usability.
  • Jojoba Oil Is a Moisturizing and Conditioning Agent. It Helps to Nourish Your Dog’s Skin and Fur, Leaving It Soft, Hydrated, And Healthy.
  • Amino Acids Are Essential for Hair and Skin Health. This Shampoo provides moisturization and supports overall Fur Health.
  • Glycerin Is a Humectant That Attracts and Retains Moisture. It Keeps Your Dog’s Fur Hydrated and Prevents Dryness, Ensuring A Soft and Supple Coat.
  • Citric Acid Is Employed to Adjust the Shampoo’s pH level, Ensuring It Falls Within a Suitable Range for Your Dog’s Skin and Fur. It Also Aids in Product Stability.
  • Ketoconazole Is an Antifungal Agent Added to Combat Fungal Infections on Your Dog’s Skin. It Helps Prevent Skin Issues Caused by Fungi.
  • Ganbaosu Is a Natural Plant Extract with Potential Skin-Soothing Properties. It Contributes to The Shampoo’s Efforts to Keep Your Dog’s Skin Calm and Comfortable.
  • Dp-300 And Deltamethrin Ingredients Are Likely Added as Pest Repellents. They Can Help Deter Pests Like Lice and Fleas, Contributing to A Healthier and More Comfortable Pet.
  • Chamomile Extract Has Soothing Properties That Can Help Reduce Redness and Swelling, Providing Relief to Your Dog’s Irritated Skin.

These Ingredients Work Together to Create a Dog Shampoo That Cleanses, Moisturizes, Soothes, And Protects Your Dog’s Fur and Skin, Promoting Their Overall Well-Being

4K Skin Disease Type Shampoo Offers a Holistic Approach to Dog Grooming, Addressing Skin Health, Cleanliness, And Overall Well-Being. Try It Today to Provide Your Furry Friend with The Care They Deserve.

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6K Series - 4K Skin Disease Type Dog Shampoo
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