Top Cat Food Brands Available in Pakistan

Top Cat Food Brands Available in Pakistan

Cat lovers can relate to the fact that you want to feed your cat the best food in quality and quantity. For this reason, most cat lovers often get confused when searching for the Top Cat Food Brands Available in Pakistan. You might come across different types of cat food from various manufacturers; however, choosing the right option might be challenging. Some cats get allergies to ingredients found explicitly in the food, which can lead to sickness. So, one must be very careful when picking food for one’s cats. Petco. Pk provides you with a great variety of cat foods available in Pakistan. So, let’s dive into the blog to learn more about them. 

The top cat food brands available in Pakistan

Selecting an appropriate cat food brand is crucial for your cat. That’s because a cat’s nutrition, energy, strength, and resistance to disease depend upon their food intake. If you plan to buy cat food, you will undoubtedly come across numerous options in Pakistan. Every cat breed differs in type and requires a specific type of cat food that suits them. Despite giving them meat and milk, you must always provide them with packed food containing particular cat nutrients. 

Like any other animal, cats require specific nutrients to stay active and healthy. These require specific quantities of proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that help them grow, play, and stay active. So, being a cat owner, you must know the crucial requirements of your cat and what your cat requires the most. Every cat food brand offers specific nutrients that can promote a healthy cat. So, you can look forward to the brands that suit your cat and that cause no allergies to your cat.

Champion cat food

Champion cat food has four unique variants: 0.5kg, 1.5 kg, 5 kg, and 10 kg. It is a highly chicken-flavored food source for cats. Similarly, you can feed it to all cats of all breeds and ages. This cat food is best for your cat if you want to maintain their gut health. 

Key ingredients

Omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids promote cat skin coat. It is a complete source of chicken that maximizes their protein intake.

Diamond cat food

Diamond maintenance cat food typically works for adult cats. It comes in 2.72 kg, 9.07 kg, and 18.14 kg. The protein, like chicken, included in the cat food is easy for the cat to digest. The minerals and vitamins added to the food will maintain the cats’ overall health.

Key ingredients

Antioxidants help build up the daily immunity of cats. It includes whole grain corn, white rice ground, chicken fats, etc.

Bonacibo cat food

Bonacibo adult cat food 2kg pack offers a great range of nutrients that meet the daily source of carbohydrates, fiber, and proteins. Also, this brand provides cats with different antioxidants that help boost their immunity. It helps them maintain their weight and prevents them from gaining excess weight. Similarly, it supports their urinary health.  

Key ingredient

Vitamins help maintain their metabolism and energy. Omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids support a shiny coat and prevent hair loss. Minerals avoid the formation of urinary stones.


Josera Catelux Adult Cat Food comes in two quantities, one for 2 kg and the other for 10kg. It is one of the top cat food brands, and it is for cats that easily develop hairballs. If your cat is a picky eater, try out this cat food brand; it will love its flavors. Besides this, it will promote a pH of 6 to 6.5, which minimizes the risk of stone formation in the urinary tract. 

Key ingredients

Vitamins and fatty acids will promote healthier skin along with their long and shiny coat. 

Felicia cat food

Felicia Derma Care Adult Cat Food with Salmon is the best taste and a complete nutrition source for adult cats. The scrumptious flavors of Norwegian salmon excite cats toward this cat food, and they love to eat it. If your cat is allergic or has a weak digestive system, this cat food is all you need, as it reduces the chances of allergies or reactions. Also, it comes with an anti-aging formula that helps cats stay active and prevents them from being lazy. It comes without adding chemicals, artificial additives, or preservatives that could harm a cat’s health. 

Key ingredients

It contains a high protein source, including salmon, promoting their physical health. Cranberries help clear the urinary tract and prevent and limit the risk of tumors.  Oil and anchovy maintain the eye, heart, and vision health.


Dreamies brand offers wonderful product satisfaction: cat treats with salmon in 60 grams. This cat treat comes in double texture: crispy exterior and soft interior. It will always enhance your cat’s curiosity and let them enjoy their treat. If you have trained your pet cat, this treat would be a source of happiness and contentment for them. The salmon-rich flavor always becomes a cat’s favorite treat. Hence, your cat will always love the double texture of this salmon-flavored cat treat. You can give these treats in limited quantity to prevent overfeeding of the treats. It is low in calories, preventing the cat from building calories with this cat treat.

Key ingredients

It is rich in proteins, including salmon fish, which is a high source of protein for cats.

Feline cat food

The feline cat food comes in the quantity of 1.2 kg pack. This cat food is a complete source of nutrients for a cat of any breed or age group to survive. By keeping the cat food in their diet, you can observe your cats’ healthier and more active growth.

Key ingredients

It includes proteins, corn, flour, etc. It also contains various vitamins, omega-3, and 6 fatty acids.

Felix cat food

Felix Crispies Beef and Chicken treats are the best cat food treats you have been looking forward to. The blended flavors of chicken and beef are the best treat to provide your cats for their good behavior. Similarly, the light and crispy textured treats make your cats happy and satisfied with their cravings. 

Key ingredients

Omega 6 fatty acids enhance the softness of a cat’s coat and make its hair shinier. Also, it decreases the itching of cats scratching themselves. Vitamins help their overall wellness.

Meow Mix

Meow Mix Indoor Health has three variants: 1.43 kg, 2.86 kg, and 6.44 kg. It is one of the top cat food brands providing indoor cats with proper nutrients to help them maintain their weight. Indoor cats tend to put on weight because these cats somehow stay less active than outdoor cats. Similarly, cat food includes a wholesome source of proteins ideal for the cat’s health. Moreover, the balanced source of minerals and vitamins helps maintain the cats’ overall health. 

Key ingredients

Chicken protein, wheat, corn, rice. 

Happy cat

Happy Cat Minkas Perfect Mix Poultry, Fish & Lamb comes in the packaging of 1.5kg. The cat food has an unmatchable taste, and your cat will love it. With different varieties of meat, you can provide your cat with the best meat in their diet. Fish, lamb, and poultry deliver healthy flavors to the cat’s diet. Through this dry food, you can maintain optimal health for your cat. Also, this cat food will minimize the stool odor of the cats. 

Key ingredients

Variety of vitamins, meat, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. 

Brit care cat food

Brit care adult cat food-grain free comes in two quantities: 0.4 kg and 2kgs. It is a complete food package for your adult cats as it promotes their activities and physical health. Through this cat food, you can ensure your cat’s muscles stay strong and healthy. It has vitamins and minerals to help them have a great, playful time outdoors. Also, it doesn’t include any preservatives. 

Key ingredients

Chondroprotectives promote their teeth and bone health. Pre and probiotics will keep their immune system strong. Taurine helps to keep their vision and eyesight strong. 

Farmina cat food

Farmina Matisse Chicken & Rice is a completely formulated chicken source and other ingredients for cats’ diets. It mostly comes in three quantities: 400 grams, 1.5kg, and 10 kg. It is a type of dry cat food that is rich in taurine. The cat food includes no cruelties or preservatives during its manufacturing. The best feature of this cat food is that cats can easily digest it, leaving no harm to their digestive system. 

Key ingredients

Taurine-rich cat food helps maintain the muscle strength of the cats and helps to improve their vision


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You can easily find top cat food brands available in Pakistan. The selection of cat food brands and the specific product your cat requires depends upon different specifications. Age group, breed, indoor or outdoor cat type, and fitness of a cat vary from one another. So, you shall choose a cat food brand that caters to your cat’s nutritional requirements and provides them with a balanced source diet. Petco. Pk offers you a variety of cat foods you want to feed your cat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose any cat food for my cat?

The selection of cat food merely reflects your cat’s requirements and what ingredients suit your cat. Once you know them, choosing cat food can be easy.

How do we increase a cat’s metabolism through cat food?

To increase a cat’s metabolism, you should look forward to the ingredients that include antioxidants. 

Are cat food treats good for cat’s health?

Our store provides the best cat food treats for your cat’s health. You can also check the flavors in the treats. 

How much cat food should be given to the cats?

The quantity of cat food depends upon the cat’s requirements according to its specifications. You can go through the cat food packaging to understand the quantity guidelines. 

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