Tips For Transitioning Your Cat To A New Food

Tips For Transitioning Your Cat To A New Food

You may have noticed that there is a need for a pet in your house. And this need may have arisen after you felt lonely or in a state of sadness and sorrow. People look out for a pet when they feel lonely, sad, or discouraged. And the presence of a pet seems like a heavenly idea to embark upon. Pets are great, and their presence in households has long proved that they can elevate the atmosphere positively. However, only sometimes does the result turn out positive, mainly when you need to focus appropriately on your pet. 

Your pet is like a house member, and you must treat them likewise. Cats, one of the most popular pets in the world, and dogs have a significant presence in homes. Their electrifying nature and traits show how important they are to humanity. But their electrifying and active nature is all about how you feed them or the diet that you feed them precisely. The diet of your cat or the cat food you present to them has to be compelling, rich in nutrients, and loaded with components that will result in positive health for your cat. A healthy cat makes a healthy pet and a healthy life for them. Petco. pk is the biggest platform in Pakistan where you can search for all the different types of cat foods and diverse varieties. 

Cats are active pets that love to engage in playful activities. You will only find them dull or lazy if they are not in the mood to play or when aged. Apart from this, no cat will appear less responsive to you on any given day. And their activeness is a result of your treatment of them. A cat is a delicate pet that loves interacting with its owners and caretakers. They show great possessiveness towards their caretakers and keep their intentions to heart. One way of keeping your cat healthy, active, and closer to you is by providing them with the food they love and the food that will keep them healthy.

These are two different things and can be two other choices for you as a pet owner. But if you look closely, these are the options that you must search for in a single cat food product. If you fail, you must select another food product and redevelop your search. In short, your cat needs to be provided with the best cat food per their age group, breed, nature, medical conditions, and taste buds. For this, you can opt for any different cat food product until it fulfils these requirements. 

The importance of the right cat food is also immense and must be noticed with ease. For example, cat food elements such as vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins, and fats play their part in a cat’s nourishment. Hence, their presence in cat foods depicts how healthy the cat will become after consuming them. When selecting a specific cat food, there are also these tiny debates about whether a particular cat food fulfils the nourishment requirements for the specific cat or not. 

Changing a Cat Food

Another concern regarding cat food selection and deselection is whether cat food offers the desired nourishment results. The purpose of any cat food, or any pet food, is to provide the right amounts of nutrients as mentioned on the bag and the health benefits the food product offers. But often, certain cat foods do not sit well with the cats; thus, they prompt this need for a change in the cat food. Again, several questions and options arise in a cat food product that must be addressed before a switch or change is made. But let us have an overview of why cat food has changed.


The first and primary reason for a change in cat food is the shift in the age of cats. Cats grow from kittens to adults, and their nutritional needs change over time. To cover up and cope with these dietary changes, cat foods must also be changed to offer a change in nutrients. 


You may notice that your cat is under or overweight as per their age. This might be because your cat needs the correct set of nutrients and feed. To combat this, a change in cat food must increase or decrease the diet contents so their desired weight is achieved. 


The third reason you may opt to change your cat food is due to specific health concerns that your cat suffers from. Cats may take up health concerns from their breed, whereas they often get health issues such as colds, digestive problems, and obesity.

The exciting thing about cat food is that you either opt for the best choice or may have to change to a specific option based on the above reasons. Apart from this, a change is optional, and you can avoid going for it. Now, if you plan to change your cat’s food, it is not an instant process; if you think of it as one, you need to alter your plans.

Cat foods are delicate, needing to be changed gradually and not instantly. For example, you cannot instantly switch your cat to another food since their taste buds are developed for regular food, and their body seems to adjust. However, if you change it periodically, your cat may not feel the change as a rapid one and will quickly adapt to it. We even have shown you the best way to do so for better understanding.

Days 1 to 2

A change in cat food does not occur instantly, but a week-long effort is needed to change the course of the diet gradually. During the first two days, it is like giving your cat a mild taste of change in food. For example, during the first two days, the ideal food combination must be around 75% old and 25% new. 

Days 3 to 4

Once your cat settles in with a mild change, it is time to go a step ahead. Also, remember that you will not find your cat abruptly observing the change or not consuming the food since the mixture percentage is well-balanced. When you move to days 3 and 4, the food mixture must be 50% new and 50% old cat food. This will further help your cat to develop the taste buds it needs. 

Days 5 to 6

Once the midweek passes, your cat will have developed a change in taste buds and will be adjusting to the new cat food presented to them in half proportions now. Providing the cat food percentages for two days allows your cat to develop a sense of change and ensures that nothing feels like being done abruptly. When moving to the closure of the week of food change, days 5 to 6 have to show a shift to 75% new cat food and 25% old cat food. It is a state where you have to ensure that your cat now moves towards the latest food and begins to lose the old food’s taste. 

Day 7

In most cases, this is the day when you must give your cat 100% of the new cat food. Your work for the past six days has to pay off today when you turn your cat entirely to the new cat food. Not so often, but you may find resistance to this by your cat, for which you need not panic and shift your cat to the last or previous percentage for a few more days to get them accustomed to the tastes. 


Cat food is directed at improving the health of your cat. With loads of healthy ingredients and nutrients, it is best for you as a caretaker to offer your cats the best product on the market. Though searching for specific cat food may feel difficult, you can head to, where loads of cat food items and products await you. You can get your hands on your desired products and try them with your cat for any of the reasons. And if you need to change further, dozens of options await you. 

Want to Change Cat Food :

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a need to change cat food?

Cat foods can be changed for many reasons, such as a change in cat age, health, and medical concerns. 

Ideally, how long does the changing process take?

The change process lasts around seven days, during which different combinations are tried to develop a new taste for your cat. 

What is the percentage of new and old cat food during the first two days?

The percentage of new and old cats during the first two days is 75% old cat food and 25% new cat food.

What is the percentage of new and old cat food during days 3 and 4?

The percentage of new and old cats during days 3 and 4 is 50% old and 50% new cat food.

What is the percentage of new and old cat food consumed on the 7th day?

The percentage of new and old cats during the 7th day is 100% new cat food.

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