Catisfactions Cat Treats with Beef

Catisfactions Cat Treats Beef (Ox): A Delectable Reward with Double Texture and Irresistible Flavor

Catisfactions Snacks for Cats Understand the Delight in Treating Your Furry Companions, which is Why They Present Their Irresistible Catisfactions Cat Treats Beef Ox. Crafted With a Double Texture and Boasting a Beer Flavor.

These Treats for Cats are Tailored for Both Adult Cats and Growing Kittens. The Innovative Combination of a Sumptuous Ox Flavor and Double Texture Ensures a Tantalizing Experience for Felines with Discerning Tastes.

This Complementary Cat Food Is Not Only Delicious but Also Nutrient-Rich, offering a Blend of Meat, Cereals, Essential Vitamins, and Minerals While Being Low in Calories.

Rewarding Your Pet or Reinforcing Positive Behavior Has Never Been Easier with Catisfactions Cat Treats. The Distinctive Sound Emitted When Shaking the Bag Containing These Delectable Snacks Signals a Moment of Joy for Your Beloved Feline. Your Pet Will Enthusiastically Anticipate This Delightful Reward, Responding Eagerly to Your Call.

These Snacks for Cats are Ideal for Cats of All Ages, boasting a Double Texture That is Soft on the Inside and Delightfully Crispy on The Outside. Each Treat Is Designed to Provide Minimal Calories, With Just 2 Calories Per Pad.

However, It’s Advisable to Adjust the Main Meal Portion Size Accordingly If These Snacks are a Regular Part Of Your Cat’s Diet, Ensuring Their Overall Nutritional Balance And Weight Management. You Can Offer Up To 20 Pieces of These Treats Per Day.

Advantages Of Catisfactions Beef Ox Snack for Cats

  • Designed For Adult Cats and Growing Kittens.
  • Formulated With a Blend of Cereals, Meat, Essential Vitamins, And Minerals.
  • Delicious Ox Flavor Makes It an Ideal Reward.
  • Double Texture – Soft Inside, Crispy Outside.
  • Low-Calorie Content – Only 2 Calories Per Pad.

Usage And Specifications

  • This Snack Serves as a Complementary Food for Cats, Offering Minimal Calories and Serving as a Daily Reward for Your Pets.
  • Once Opened, It’s Recommended to Be Consumed Within 4 Weeks for Optimal Freshness.
  • Ensure Your Cat Has Access to Plenty of Fresh, Clean Water Always.
  • Store This Product in a Cool, Dry Place Away from Direct Sunlight.
  • Refer to the Packaging for the Preferred Consumption Date, Factory Identification Code, And Batch Details.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information of Catisfactions Cat Treats is below:


  1. Vegetable Protein Extracts:

These Extracts Serve as a Source of Essential Amino Acids Necessary for Muscle Development and Overall Health In Cats.

  1. Cereals:

Provide Carbohydrates for Energy and Fiber for Digestive Health.

  1. Meat and Animal By-Products (Contains 4% Ox):

Offer High-Quality Protein, Essential for Muscle Maintenance and Growth, With the Ox Flavor Enhancing Palatability.

  1. Oils and Fats:

Supply Essential Fatty Acids that Support Skin Health, Coat Shine, and Overall Wellbeing.

  1. Mineral Substances:

Essential Minerals Such as Calcium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium Contribute to Bone Strength, Nerve Function, and Various Metabolic Processes.

Analytical Constituents:

  1. Protein (35.3%):

A Vital Nutrient for Muscle Development, Tissue Repair, and Overall Growth in Cats.

  1. Fat Content (19.8%):

Provides a Concentrated Source of Energy and Aids in the Absorption of Fat-Soluble Vitamins.

  1. Inorganic Matter (8.7%):

Indicates the Mineral Content in the Product, Crucial for Various Physiological Functions.

  1. Crude Fibers (0.2%):

Supports Digestive Health by Promoting Regular Bowel Movements and Preventing Constipation.

Energy Content:

422 Kcal / 100 G: Represents the Amount of Energy Derived from the Product, Essential for Fulfilling the Cat’s Daily Energy Requirements.

Antioxidants / Nutritional Additives (Per Kg):

  1. Vitamin A (5440 IU):

Supports Vision, Immune Function, and Skin Health.

  1. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine – 14.7 Mg):

Essential for Carbohydrate Metabolism and Nervous System Function.

  1. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin – 7.3 Mg):

Supports Growth, Red Blood Cell Production, and Energy Release from Food.

  1. Vitamin B6 (5.9 Mg):

Necessary for Amino Acid Metabolism and the Production of Neurotransmitters.

  1. Vitamin D3 (600 IU):

Vital for Calcium Absorption and Bone Health.

  1. Vitamin E (Alphatocopherols – 88 Mg):

An Antioxidant that Helps Protect Cells from Damage Caused by Free Radicals.

  1. Cupric Sulfate Pentahydrate (22.6 Mg):

Provides Copper, Necessary for Iron Absorption, Collagen Production, and Immune Function.

  1. Manganese Sulfate Monohydrate (44.6 Mg):

Essential for Bone Formation, Metabolism, and Antioxidant Function.

  1. Potassium Iodate (1.9 Mg):

Provides Iodine, Crucial for Thyroid Hormone Synthesis.

  1. Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate (199 Mg):

Supports Immune Function, Wound Healing, and Normal Growth.

Each Component in the Catisfactions Cats Treats beef Ox Has Been Carefully Selected to Ensure a Well-Balanced and Nutritious Treat that Supports Your Cat’s Overall Health and well-being.


Offer Your Cat Up to 20 Pads Per Day While Adjusting the Main Meal Portions Accordingly.


60 G Bag


Treat Your Beloved Feline to The Exquisite Delight of Catisfactions Cat Treats Beef Flavor in Pakistan, A Delicious Reward That Brings Minimal Calories and Maximum Joy To Your Pet’s Day.

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