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6K Series – 5K Long Lasting Fragrance Type Shampoo for Dogs



This Product Stands Out for Its Highly Developed Formulation and Distinctive, Long-Lasting Fragrance That Can Linger for Hours on Your Dog’s Fur.


6K Series – 5K Long Lasting Fragrance Type Shampoo for Dogs

5k Long-Lasting Fragrance Type Dog Shampoo Is a Highly Formulated Grooming Product with A Focus on Providing a Unique, Long-Lasting Fragrance for Your Fury Companion. It Offers a Range of Functions, Including.

  • Insect Prevention
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Deodorization
  • Hair Strengthening
  • Bacterial Defense.

6K Series Dog Shampoo Usage:

To Use 5k Long Lasting Fragrance Type Dog Shampoo, Apply an Appropriate Amount to Your Dog’s Fur, Massage It for Approximately 5 Minutes, And Then Rinse Thoroughly with Clean Water. Regular Use is Recommended for Improved Fur Quality of Dogs

5K Long Lasting Fragrance Type Dog Shampoo Functions


  • Unique Fragrance:

The Shampoo Features a Base of Selected Wood Fragrance, Combined with A Proprietary Anti-Micelle Technique. This Ensures That the Fragrance Is Integrated into The Shampoo and Strongly Adheres to The Fur, Providing A Long-Lasting Scent.


  • Insect Prevention:

Eucalyptus Extract Is Included to Effectively Deter Insects Like Fleas and Parasites, Helping Prevent Skin Diseases.


  • Deep Cleaning:

The Shampoo Contains Protease, Which Effectively Decontaminates and Biologically breaks down Dirt on The Fur Without Causing Any Harm to The Skin.


  • Deodorization:

Enzymes in The Shampoo Directly Decompose Odor Sources and Prevent Their Reformation, Keeping Your Dog’s Body Surface Clean and Smelling Fresh.


  • Hair Strengthening:

The Product Includes a Nutrition Group with Vitamins and Amino Acids, Which Can Strengthen the Hair Root, Promote Hair Growth, And Reduce Hair Loss.


  • Bacterial Defense:

Tea Tree Oil Is Incorporated to Destroy the Internal Structure of Bacterial Cells, Effectively Killing Bacteria and Preventing Potential Skin Injuries.


5K Long Lasting Fragrance Type Main Ingredients

The Main Ingredients of This 6K Series Variant Dog Shampoo And Their Respective Usages:


  • EDTA-2Na (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid Disodium Salt):

Usage: EDTA-2Na Is a Chelating Agent. It Helps Improve the Stability and Effectiveness of The Shampoo’s Formulation by Binding It to Metal Ions That Could Negatively Affect the Product.

  • Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate:

Usage: This Is a Surfactant (Foaming Agent) Used to Create Lather in The Shampoo. It Helps in The Thorough Cleaning of The Fur.

  • CMEA (Cocamide MEA):

Usage: CMEA Is a Foam Booster and Stabilizer, Enhancing the Shampoo’s Lathering Properties. It Contributes to The Creation of a Rich and Stable Foam During Application.

  • Pearl Film:

Usage: The Inclusion of Pearl Film Is Likely for Aesthetic Purposes, Creating A Shimmering Effect in The Shampoo That May Make the Fur Appear Shinier.

  • Guar Gum:

Usage: Guar Gum Is a Natural Thickening Agent, Giving the Shampoo Its Desired Texture and Viscosity.

  • Jojoba Oil:

Usage: Jojoba Oil Is Added for Its Moisturizing and Conditioning Properties, Which Help Nourish the Dog’s Skin And Fur, Leaving It Soft And Hydrated.

  • Amino Acid Moisturizer:

Usage: Amino Acids Are Building Blocks for Proteins and Can Be Used In Shampoos To Improve The Overall Health And Strength Of The Fur.

  • Glycerin:

Usage: Glycerin Is a Humectant That Attracts and Retains Moisture. It Helps Keep the Fur Hydrated and Prevents Dryness.

  • Citric Acid:

Usage: Citric Acid Is Used to Adjust the pH of The Shampoo, Ensuring It Falls Within A Suitable Range For The Skin And Fur While Also Helping To Maintain The Stability Of The Product.

  • Kathon (Methylisothiazolinone/Methylchloroisothiazolinone):

Usage: Kathon Is a Preservative That Helps Prevent the Growth of Harmful Microorganisms in The Shampoo, Extending Its Shelf Life.

  • Olive Extract and Walnut Extract:

Usage: These Natural Extracts May Provide Various Benefits to The Fur and Skin, Potentially Offering Nourishment and Conditioning.

  • Amino Acids for Hair Care:

Usage: Amino Acids Are Included to Strengthen the Hair Root, Promote Hair Growth, And Reduce Hair Loss.

  • Parfum (Fragrance):

Usage: Parfum Is Added to Provide a Pleasant and Long-Lasting Fragrance to The Shampoo, Leaving Your Dog Smelling Fresh After Bathing.

These Ingredients Collectively Contribute to The Dog Shampoo’s Cleansing, Moisturizing, Fragrance, And Overall Grooming Effects on Your Dog’s Fur and Skin. #1 Online Pet Food and Accessories Store, Providing you the Wide Range of 6k Series Dog Shampoo and other Dog Grooming Products under one Roof

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6K Series - 5K Long Lasting Frangrance Type Shampoo for Dogs
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