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6K Series – 1K Whitening Type Pets Shampoo



6K Series – 1K Whitening Type Pets Shampoo Key Feature.

  • Suitable for Dogs with White Fur
  • Protease Formula
  • Restore Original Luster of Coat
  • Zero Damage to Fur
  • Suitable for Mixed Color Hair Dogs


6K Series – 1K Whitening Type Pets Shampoo

1K Whitening Type Shampoo for Dogs Is a Specialized Grooming Solution Designed for Dogs with White Fur, Although It Can Also Be Used on Dogs with Mixed Color Hair. The Key Features of This Product Can Be Summarized as Follows:

Suitable For Dogs with White Fur: This Product Is Specifically Formulated for Dogs with White Fur. White Fur Can Be More Prone to Staining and Discoloration, So It’s Essential to Have a Dog Grooming Product That Addresses This Concern.

Protease Formula: The Product Contains a Protease Formula. Protease Is an Enzyme That Can Effectively Break Down and Gradually Decompose Dirt and Grime That May Accumulate in The Dog’s Fur. This Enzymatic Action Helps in Cleaning and Revitalizing the Coat.

Restore Original Luster of Coat: Over Time, A White Dog’s Fur May Lose Its Original Luster Due to Various Environmental Factors and Dirt Buildup. This Dog Shampoo Aims to Restore the Coat’s Original Shine and Brightness by Effectively Removing Dirt and Stains.

Zero Damage to Fur: One of The Essential Qualities of This Product Is That It Is Gentle on The Dog’s Fur. It Has Been Formulated to Clean and Rejuvenate the Coat Without Causing Any Damage. This Is Crucial for Maintaining the Overall Health and Appearance of The Dog’s Fur.

Suitable For Dogs with Mixed Color Hair: While It Is Primarily Designed for White-Furred Dogs, It Can Also Be Safely Used on Dogs with Mixed Color Hair. This Versatility Makes It a Practical Choice for Dog Owners with Various Breeds and Coat Types.

1K Whitening Type Dog Shampoo is a specific Grooming Product Designed to Help Dog Owners Maintain the Cleanliness and Beauty of Their Pets’ Fur, Particularly for Dogs with White Fur. Its Protease Formula

Effectively Cleans and Restores the Coat’s Luster While Being Gentle and Safe for The Dog’s Fur. Additionally, Its Compatibility with Dogs with Mixed Color Hair Makes It a Versatile Grooming Choice for A Wider Range of Dog Breeds.

6K Series – 1K Whitening Type Pets Shampoo Usage

Using This 6K Series Dog Shampoo Involves Applying the Right Amount, Massaging It into The Fur, Rinsing It Thoroughly, And Considering Regular Use to Maintain and Improve Your Dog’s Coat. Always Ensure That You Choose a Dog Shampoo That Is Specifically Designed for Dogs.

As Human Shampoos Can Be Too Harsh for Their Skin and Coat. Additionally, If Your Dog Has Any Skin Conditions or Allergies, Consult with A Veterinarian for Product Recommendations That Address Their Specific Needs.

6K Series – 1K Whitening Type Pets Shampoo Functions

  1. Biological Factors can Gradually Decompose Yellow and Blackened Dirt Source on Fur and Gradually Restore Skin to Its Original Color.
  2. Vitamin and Amino Acid Nutrition Group Can Toughen Hair Root, Promote Hair Growth, Prevent Hair to Fall Off.
  3. Protease will Decontaminate and Biological Decompose Dirt Source on Fur. Decontamination Ability is Strong with Zero Damage to Skin.

6K Series – 1K Whitening Type Ingredients

The Main Ingredients of the 1K Type Whitening Dog Shampoo is below:

EDTA-2Na, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, CMEA, Pearl Film, Guar Gum, JR400, Jojoba Oil, Amino Acid Moisturizer, Glycerin, MES 6501, CAB, Citric Acid, Kathon, Cucumber Extract, Rose Essential Oil, Aloe Extract, Parfum.

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