Catnip Toys to Entertain Your Cat

Cats are extremely intelligent, active, and responsive animals in the world. There are many ways to account for this active and responsive behavior within them, for example their flexible and athletic-friendly body shape. Other factors can also come into account such as good smelling sense, small size, good streamlined body shape, and excellent vision. When all such options combine, they provide some comprehensive traits to cats. However, there are often questions from cat pet owners that their pet cat is not responsive or athletic and not showing any signs of playfulness. There can be certain reasons for them but let’s just point to the mental and physical state of your cat.

Your cat can be an active pet alongside a dull one as well. This will depend on their daily routine and the condition you have inside your home. There has to be quite a fine playful environment for them since they need to remain active to showcase their strengths and traits and playfulness is a part of exercise that they need to remain healthy, smart, and responsive. But this will not happen if your cat is under some kind of stress, anxiety, and pressure. Whether it is from mental fatigue or a sense of loneliness. You can better understand what can be the reasons your cat is showing such behaviors. Catnip is a plant that grows prominently in North America but has wide usage for cats that show such troubling behaviors.

How Cats Come Under Stress?

Let’s begin from basics, that is, when does your cat depict behaviors of stress and anxiety? A cat is an intelligent pet and it uses all the various senses, expressions, and behavior to depict what it is feeling or going through. People do ask how they can tally if the behavior that their cat is depicting is a sign of tension and anxiety. Certain signs do inform about such a behavior and this is how you can locate that.


Animals that have an instinct to attack, bite, and even kill often depict their aggression in certain cases. Unless tamed or kept as a pet, they show aggressive behaviors often but since we are discussing cats as pets, they can depict those behaviors easily. Aggressive behaviors can be due to many reasons but even if you consider yourself, we humans depict aggression when we observe insecurity, uncertainty, and unwillingness to do anything. The aggressive behavior is always depicted by cats through pouncing, stalking, scratching, and biting.


Cats are intelligent and they show their intelligence differently in different circumstances. This difference is also visible through the difference in the environment in which they grow up. You may observe a cat lashing out in anger and aggression as a clear sign of intent but there are often cases when a cat does hide when attacked or oppressed. There are many reasons for such behavior by cats such as extreme tension, stress, anxiety, and depression. If you find your cat in such a situation, it is better to leave them rather than ask them to come out of hiding since it may further worsen their mental stress.

Increased Vocals

The best tool your cat possesses to get its voice heard is its voice. Cats speak a language of information through which they can explain most of the things. But you need to be attentive and pay attention to what their sound means. Out of the different sounds that your cat will be producing, yowling, growling, hissing, and frequent meowing are some clear indications that your cat needs you to pay attention to her as she might need some help. Yowling and meowing can be the basic sign of your cat’s cry for help. Hence, never ignore it.

Urinating Close to Litter Box

There is something special about cat family members and their urine. You will find every animal from cats to lions urinating at specific positions as a sign of some statement. In the case of cats and especially pet cats, they will often urinate at the place you train them to. However, since we are discussing stress and anxiety, these are due to feelings of loneliness. One way a cat shows that it has a sense of self-comfort developing is when it urinates outside a litter box. The smell of urine is absorbed by litter and allows cats to sniff the smell of their urine which gives them mental ease. 

Catnip Toys for Your Cat

Catnip is considered a great product to deal with stress and anxiety for your cat. One of the main reasons for this is that catnip is considered a plant to stagnate the athleticism inside your cat and ensure that your cat has this feel to adopt a playfulness routine. Catnip is not directly injected into your cat but it is provided through some toys and products. Often they can be included in food such as by spraying over them. In other cases, they can be incorporated within toys to ensure the scent is sniffed by them to stimulate the effect within them.

Nunbell Cat Playing Ball

Cat playing balls are the simplest type of balls for your cats to engage in a simple playful activity. A cat is your best pet when it comes to play, activeness, and a joyful routine throughout the day. But this behavior of cats is subject to how you treat them when they are not active or under some stress. One way of dealing with such a situation is using a pack of Nunbell cat-playing balls that come in a pack of three so your cat has enough balls to actively play even alone.

Soft Mouse Cat Playing Toy

Mouses’ are cats’ favorite toys, prey, and bunnies when it comes to food and hunting. And they do not come short of trying new skills and avenues for new hunting techniques. This soft mouse cat-playing toy is a stuffed mouse toy with enough catnip to aggravate your cat’s hunting skills. With this toy, your cat can enjoy multiple benefits such as activeness, learning new mouse-catching skills, and having this playful element to counter their loneliness.

Scratching Cardboard For Cats

This may not count as a toy but is an effective option for cats to just initiate that thought of playfulness or mindfulness. One way of releasing your cat’s stress is by ensuring that it has something to instigate that feeling of hunting instinct. They can release their stress simply by scratching a specially designed cardboard with catnips infused within them. As your cat scratches the board, the catnip essence releases that stimulates your cat’s mind.

Fidget Spinner Catnip Toy

A fidget spinner catnip toy is a fine toy with some great combinations. This is not your general or common fidget spinner but the one that contains an essence of catnip. Catnip is not directly added as a plant or leaf but it is in the form of essence. So whenever your cat is in a playful mood, just ensure that such fidget spinners are nearby to attract them more towards athleticism and playful activities.

Cat Toy With Light and Catnip Ball

This is one of the extensive types of a fidget spinner catnip toy since it offers a ball that is rotatable allowing your cat to stay active within the premises. One of the best aspects of these toys is that you can ensure that your cat stays intact with the toy and while it plays with the ball, there is enough catnip essence for it to sniff and get charged up.


When it comes to cats, there are certain signs that you need to look out for such as their behavior in times of stress and loneliness. If you can depict such behaviors, there is no doubt that you can better help your cat. However, to help your cat further, you can take the help of products such as toys that come with some sort of pain-relieving or stress-relieving options. Begin in Pakistan, you can obtain all such useful playful toys with catnip infusion through, one of the leading pet-related products web stores in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is catnip best for?

Catnip is ideal to stimulate the essence of playfulness and activism within cats.

Why does a cat need catnip?

When cats spend a considerable time alone, they develop the essence of loneliness that results in stress and anxiety. This needs to be taken away through some form of medication that is done through catnip.

Where does catnip initially grow in bulk?

Catnip grows as a plant in North America.

How cats are provided with catnip?

Catnip is provided to cats in the form of toys or through food by spraying over it.

What are the side effects of bulk catnip consumption?

Catnip has no side effects. Even if consumed or sniffed in bulk, the worst effect it can have on cats is an upset stomach.

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